Cranial Prosthesis

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Studio 92 Hairmedics, LLC is a National Healthcare Provider (NPI Available) Hair Extension company that specializes in Cranial Prosthesis for women with hair loss medical diagnoses. Our Specialists and Technicians service an array of women, who suffer from Hair Loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia areata, thyroid disease, and scalp infections like ringworm. Our staff also service women who suffer from hair loss due to medications and processes used to treat cancer, lupus, high blood pressure, PTSD related stress, and trichotillomania.

In addition to our home-based salon, Studio 92 Hair partners with 72 contractual Stylists located across each state in the nation, to provide cranial prosthesis installations to women Veterans in each state.

Furthermore, our Studio 92 Vets online program allows hair loss clients to visit our web page, and place orders online to be processed and delivered to them anywhere in the United States.


Why it matters!

Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area such as the head to the entire body. Hair loss and Psychological disorders go hand-in-hand as one may cause the other and the other may be the result of one. 

Women are particularly affected by hair loss, as it can impact self-esteem, inner confidence, and overall social readiness. With over 80 Million Women in the USA suffering from medical hair loss, there is a dire need for attention to this specialized demographic.

Studio 92 Hair is here to help! 

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Studio 92 Hairmedics accepts major and minor insurance plans. To check of your insurance is eligible, please complete an intake form located at the bottom of the page.

Select Dermatologists will allow your Cranial Prosthesis unit to be utilized as a vendor supply, in which you will not need specific medical insurance to cover the expense of your unit. For additional information, please complete an intake form located at the bottom of the page.

For NPI Number, please visit our Intake Form Page located at the bottom of the page.


Collaborative efforts from our trained staff provide the full recommendation of services per year to create, sustain, and maintain the process of natural hair regrowth and cranial prosthesis usage for each hair loss client.

It is our recommendation that clients receive 2 cranial prosthesis units per year, 4 maintenance appointments to be used twice per unit, and 1 secondary consultation for their additional unit. We also recommend our clients take advantage of our catalog of add-on products for daily in-home use.

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Each of our Cranial Prosthesis units is hand made by a member of our technical staff. Combined with 100% human hair and high definition 4x4 lace caps, our units are made for easy installation and manageability. Each unit is hypoallergenic and sanitized before application to ensure safety and cleanliness. Units can be worn during most chemotherapy treatments as well as scalp injections during a dermatologist service appointment.

Since we utilize 100% human hair, the unit can be washed and styled in-home. Anything a customer would do with their natural hair, they can also do with our cranial prosthesis units. We employ a portfolio of over 300 unit styles to choose from, and have the ability to build a unit from scratch that encompass the desire of our clients.


We start by setting up a consultation with each client. During the consultation, a Nurse will ask a series of medical questions pertaining to the condition of the client. Later during the consultation, one of our Cranial Prosthesis Technicians will assist the client with choosing the proper unit that is specialized for the client. If the client is having her unit installed by one of our trained staff, she will be scheduled an appointment for installation. If the client chooses to install her unit on herself, we will process the order to be shipped out to the client. All additional Cranial Prosthesis units require a follow-up consultation to ensure the quality and processing of each new unit.

In-Salon Maintenance Appointments include rehabilitation of the unit, scalp treatment, and unit reinstallation. Online Maintenance Appointments require the client to ship her unit to our headquarters where it will be rehabilitated and shipped back to the client.

Whether online or in-salon, all clients have access to add-on hair growth products such as our FDA Approved Hair Regrowth Helmet that can be used in the home, Hair Stimulation Growth Serum, Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner, Cranial Protectant Satin Cover, and so much more!

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Complete Intake Form

Below you will find an intake form that is the first step in the process of receiving your cranial prosthesis unit. 


Consultation with Specialist

A Specialist will call you to set up a consultation where you will have your measurements taken and choose your unit with preferred styling. 


Receive Cranial Prosthesis Unit

Your unit will either be shipped to you or installed in the salon based on your preference.