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The Studio 92 Hair 100% virgin Indian hair extensions are cultivated and maintained to preserve its luscious and thick texture. Each strand of Indian hair is pulled from the scalp of an Indian woman who has taken precious care of her natural hair. Indian hair is the most natural of all hair extensions, going through only the wefting and washing process, with no added chemicals, processes or harsh dyes. For this reason, our Indian hair is truly considered virgin hair and can only be acquired in its natural hair color, 1B.

Feel: Extra silky, non-tangle.

Hair Needed: Each bundle deal comes with three bundles in ascending lengths to create a full look.

 Quality Craftsmanship: Our Indian bundle deals are meticulously crafted to ensure consistent quality and thickness from root to tip. Each bundle is a testament to precision and attention to detail, providing a seamless integration with your desired look. 

Long-Lasting Radiance: Enjoy long-lasting radiance and vibrancy with our Indian bundles. The premium quality ensures durability, allowing you to maintain a fresh and glamorous look for an extended period.

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