Meet Our Blue Butterflies 🦋

What being a Studio Beauty Winner means to me

These days, there is no shortage of messaging— on social media, in magazines, in movies, and in popular music — that tell young girls and women they have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful.


But the truth is this: beauty is not just skin deep.

Beauty is a reflection of one’s character, compassion, integrity, ambition, and authenticity. It can be found in selfless service to our communities. It can be found in quality time spent with loved ones. It can be found in the personal growth of a newfound hobby or craft. While outward beauty captures attention, it is one’s internal beauty that commands praise.


The Studio 92 Hair Beauty Award celebrates the true essence of beauty. That is all of the qualities — internal and external — that make you, you.

For me, winning this award was incredibly affirming. I am someone who has spent ample time teaching girls in my community about the true definition of beauty — instilling in them the self-assurance needed to navigate obstacles, take risks, and go after their dreams. This recognition from Studio 92 Hair is more motivation for me to press ahead in my mission.

- Joelle Lawrence,
Blue Butterfly Ambassador