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How to write a hair testimonial

Whether you know this or not, your voice matters! You are part of a sisterhood at Studio 92, and we want to welcome other sisters to join us!

If you are anything like us, you read reviews on products before you buy them. In this case, its even more important because this product goes on top of your head!

Think about what parts of a review are most important to you, what do you need to know about the product, and what helps you to make a decision on whether to buy or not. 

People tend to skim over reviews that give generalizations that aren’t useful. For example, if a review says “Great Hair” or “This Hair was awesome”, we scroll past it! What we’re looking for is a story of your thoughts about our hair, and how your experience was valuable.


Here are some questions/things you could put in a testimonial, to help others make their purchase:

• Where did you first hear about us?

• How did you go about purchasing your hair?

• What hair extensions product did you purchase? 

• Was your hair shipped or hand delivered?

• Were you able to reach anyone about your hair order?

• What did you think about the packaging of the hair?

• When your hair was delivered, how did you feel about the note that was attached? 

• Was there anything you were pleasantly surprised by?

• How did the hair feel?

• Was the hair up to your expectations?

• Was the hair easy to install?

• Did you receive a satin bag to preserve your hair extensions?

• How long have you worn your hair?

• Do the hair extensions blend with your natural hair?

• Were you able to exchange hair if you needed to?

• Do you love this hair?

• Would you recommend to a friend?


Please send all Testimonials to