How to Take Photos to be Featured

by Tiffany Hope

If you are reading this, chances are you have your Studio 92 Hair installed! Yassss!

It is 2019, and since our world revolves around influence and perspective, we need photos and a testimonial from you! Not only does this allow us to have a thriving business that builds credibility from a reliable source, it also allows us to show you off to our followers and other potential customers!


First Thing's First: What type of photos are we looking for?

We are an inclusive hair extensions company that supports women who love a functional hairstyle, as well as a glam look! We look for photos that are forward-facing, have good lighting, and show clean backgrounds.

Tip: If you happen to be at an event or outing, use that time to get a good photo!

Also, we want to see the hair! We cant see that beautiful Brazilian when its tucked under a hat, cap, or scarf. Pull your hair to the front of your shoulders, comb/brush it, tame fly-aways, and BOOM! We have a great photo!

Tip: Set up your ring light, and take a cute Selfie after you get dressed for wherever you may be going.

Next! The time of day you take your photo is super important! We want you to look fresh, polished, glam, and most importantly, be a good representation of our fabulous hair! Try to get photos where your make-up is fresh, hair is laid, and your smile is camera ready!


Now that we’ve talked about what TO do when sending photos, let’s talk about what NOT to do!

First! We love a good bathroom Selfie! But no one enjoys a photo of a dirty stained mirror, toilet seat in the background, and a random person washing their hands through the mirror. If you must get that glam mirror Selfie, please make sure your background is just as cute as you are!

Tip: If you happen to be at an event or outing, use that time to get a good photo!


Second, if your friends have yet to become a Studio Babe like you, and join the luxury hair extensions family, then kindly ask her to step out of your photos! We want people to see you and your hair! Not your friend who hasn’t gotten hip to our amazing hair yet.

Tip: If you are on vacation, use that as a time to get some great beach shots, ocean scenery, and backgrounds that aren’t available back home.


Lastly, you probably guessed this one, but please do not add Snapchat/Instagam Filters. Editing your photo is one thing, dog ears is something totally different. When we add filter to our hair photos, it takes away from showing off what people need to see: the hair!

Tip: Wear warm toned clothes in your photo, so that the photo becomes classic and can be used at any time in the future.


Please send photos via DM to our Instagram Page or email photos to